Occupy Updates: Tulsa Pepper Sprayed, New York Powers Up and Shows Solidarity, Oakland Strikes

The call for a general strike in Oakland is the biggest news in the 99% movement today, but as always, events are happening in this broad-based movement at a fast and furious pace. So scroll down for news about solidarity events in New York, arrests in Tulsa, veterans joining the 99%, a new generator that's run on human fuel, and more multimedia.

First, Oakland: the livestream is posted here. Already, according to Twitter, people are massing on the streets in Oakland and stores like Walgreen's and Men's Health are closed. Follow Alternet's own Joshua Holland on Twitter at @Joshuahol as well as the hashtags #oo #occupyoakland and #generalstrike.

The new Occupy Oakland Tribune is also online with lots of information (embedded below).

Meanwhile in Tulsa, nine protesters were arrested, several pepper-sprayed. A local report:

It was just after 2 o'clock in the morning at the corner of 6th and Main in downtown Tulsa where the Tulsa police department arrested nine members of the Occupy Tulsa movement. "I can't see, I can't see," said one man, his eyes and face colored with pepper spray, as he was led away handcuffed. The not so friendly ending to an evening that just a few hours before...  

In New York, a series of solidarity events is taking place all day, from a "clean-up" on Wall Street to a student convergence at Washington Square park at 4pm to a solidarity march at day's end. See the flyer below for details. 

Here's a video of said "clean-up" shot by Charles Monaco, with protesters literally sweeping the street.

Veterans are also marching in New York today to signal their joining in with the 99% movement.

Their statement is a poignant and strong one.

We are veterans of the 99%. We have been directly affected by the economic and social issues raised by Occupy Wall Street.  We are part of this movement, and we believe it is time for us to make our participation as veterans more deliberate and more visible.  As veterans who have served our country in the military, we now have a unique opportunity to continue serving here at home through our participation in this civic movement. As veterans, our presence in this movement is itself an intervention in the evolving narrative about Occupy Wall Street.  


On November 2nd, members of the New York City Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War and other veterans will come together at Wall Street with other Veterans of the 99%.  We will march from Vietnam Veterans Plaza to Liberty Square (Zuccoti Park)—the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement—and hold a press conference announcing our support for the 99%, and calling on other veterans and service members to join us.  

New York also has a new "bicycle generator" which powers things back up in the cleanest way possible. The group responsible wants donations to make more! Their video is below.


Finally, browse through the new Occupy Oakland Tribune on Scribd: 



AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 2, 2011, 6:36am

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