Palestine Wins UNESCO Membership... And Obama Withdraws

In a shameful move, Obama has withdrawn the US from UNESCO in response to its approval of Palestine's membership. A great piece in The Guardian:

By reflexively withdrawing from Unesco in response to Palestine's admission, the Obama-Clinton state department has taken the lunatic fringe and put them centre stage. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican who chairs the House foreign affairs committee, combines a Likudnik support of Israel with a recidivist hatred of the UN and has been trying to de-fund the UN and its agencies.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton, who visited Unesco's Paris HQ earlier this year, had announced: "I am proud to be the first secretary of state from the United States ever to come to Unesco, and I come because I believe strongly in your mission." Indeed. So strongly does she believe in it that she is prepared to pull out of the organisation for recognising the Palestinian statehood that Obama had himself called for at the UN general assembly in September 2010.

The paper points out that George W. Bush was responsible for the United States' re-involvement in UNESCO after Reagan stayed out for his administration—and that ironically, Israel won't even pull its membership. The most succinct summary of the US actions: "The nature of the US approach is clear. There is a general lack of principle." Full piece is highly recommended, read here.



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Posted at November 1, 2011, 7:41am

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