Not Just Oakland: Occupy Denver Attacked With Mace, Pepper Balls

Oakland isn't the only city's occupation to face dangerous force from law enforcement.

This weekend, Occupy Denver was raided by the police.

Watch this news report on protesters getting hit by cops with mace and more:

An extensive written report, with many pictures, from, describes the chaos:

Becerra was injured on his face and neck during the afternoon's first outbreak away from the tents. Another protester was injured when a police motorcycle rolled over his foot. "They pepper sprayed me and I fell and then went to pour water on my face," says Becerra, who returned to the area later in the night. "When I got back up, I was shot in the face. I had to go to the hospital to have the wound treated."


Five people were arrested during the initial outbreak, and fifteen earned arrests during the later part of the evening, adding an additional twenty to the 57 Occupy Denver-related arrests from previous occasions. Two of these arrests are reported to come with felony charges, while the rest, all misdemeanors, include two juvenile offenders. During a particularly poignant moment of the evening, Occupy Denver was separated by a police barricade from the Bill of Rights, which was printed on a poster and attached to a wooden stand as a symbol for the camp.

Still, protesters remain defiant.At the message from the protesters was clear: 

Thank you to everyone who was at the march yesterday, to everyone who stayed through the police raid, and everyone supporting from home and elsewhere. This movement needs us all now more than ever.

We aren’t going anywhere!


AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at October 31, 2011, 6:37am

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