Herman Cain Failed to Pay Taxes -- While Stumping for Koch's Americans For Prosperity On "Taxpayer Protection"

In 2006 GOP presidential candidate failed to pay his taxes,according to Daniel Stone of the Daily Beast. And what was Herman Cain doing in 2006? AlterNet found him stumping in Wisconsin for Americans For Prosperity, pushing a "Taxpayer Protection Act." From Stone's report:

According to court documents obtained by The Beast, Cain and his wife, Gloria, were served in February 2008 with a tax lien totaling $8,558.46 for unpaid income taxes and penalty due for the 2006 calendar year.

Gordon said Cain had filed with the IRS and won a six-month reprieve in paying his 2006 federal taxes as he was undergoing his treatment for stage four lymphoma and believed that filing should also have bought him time with the state of Georgia. “In Georgia, a taxpayer can submit a copy of his federal extension to request an extension of state income taxes,” Gordon said.

While it's understandable that anyone undergoing treatment for so severe a form of cancer could miss a tax-filing deadline, there's a certain irony when one considers what Cain was doing in 2006: stumping in Wisconsin for a "Taxpayer Protection Act" that Americans for Prosperity, the organization founded by billionaire David Koch, was pushing. In fact, Cain was touring the state with AFP's then-Wisconsin State Director Mark Block, who, as AlterNet reported, had just finished up his three-year ban from Wisconsin politics for illegal campaign activities.

From a 2006 Americans For Prosperity Web page:

MILWAUKEE – As part of its ongoing efforts to mobilize citizens in support of the Taxpayer Protection Amendment (TPA), the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-WI) will be hosting political discussions around the state with featured speaker Herman Cain on Thursday March 16 and Friday March 17. Cain, a former U.S. Senate candidate and former Godfather's Pizza CEO, will be speaking about the importance of lightening the load of big government and how passing the TPA for Wisconsin is necessary for achieving that goal.

Cain’s dynamic speaking style and in-depth understanding of the battle to control out-of-control government taxes and spending make him the ideal person to head up AFP-WI’s Prosperity Warrior Tour. An accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and talk-show host, Cain previously served with former Congressman Jack Kemp on the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform in 1995 and as former Chairman and President of the Tax Leadership Council.

In a February conference call about the TPA Cain remarked: “Wisconsin has always been a leader on these kinds of issues. … Wisconsin was a leader with respect to Welfare Reform and based upon Wisconsin’s leadership on that it helped to change our national welfare picture. Wisconsin’s been a leader on school choice and that is also having a ripple effect across this country. The Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Amendment is another opportunity for Wisconsin to be the kind of leadership state that is has always been.”

In 2007, while failing to settle his tax debt in Georgia because of his cancer treatment, Cain did manage to make a speaking gig at the Americans For Prosperity Foundation's Defending the American Dream Summit. The Daily Beast reports that Cain settled his 2006 state income tax debt in 2008.

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Adele M. Stan is AlterNet's Washington correspondent. She also writes for the AFL-CIO Now blog.


AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at October 26, 2011, 5:19am

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