Civil Rights Group Tells MSNBC: Fire White Supremacist Pat Buchanan

Thousands have signed a petitionby the African-American Civil Rights group, calling on MSNBC to fire political analyst Pat Buchanan after his belief in white supremacy became stunningly clear. Buchanan's white supremacist ideology, apparent in the past, came to a climax this weekend when he appeared on the white nationalist radio program The Political Cesspoolto promote his new book, Suicide of a Superpower, which is itself incredibly, and creepily, whitenationalist.  The Political Cesspool goes so far as to describe itself as "a philosophy that is pro-White ... We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races."

A message from

Buchanan has just published a book which says that increasing racial diversity is a threat to this country and will mean the "End of White America."  This weekend, to promote his book, he went on a white supremacist radio show whose host has said things like "MLK's dream is our nightmare," and "interracial sex is white genocide."

But this is not the first time Buchanan has expressed his disgusting white supremacy.  ColorofChange provides a few examples of other shockingly bigoted quotes from MSNBC's white nationalist:

  • "This has been a country built basically by white folks ... "

  • "Sonia Sotomayor does believe in race-based justice basically at the expense of white males and to advance people of color. The truth is that's what Barack Obama believes as well."

  • "America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known … no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream."

  • "[Former KKK Grand Wizard] David Duke is busy stealing from me. I have a mind to go down there and sue that dude for intellectual property theft."

As ColorofChange put it:

Buchanan has the right to express his views, but he's not entitled to a platform that lets him broadcast bigotry and hate to millions. If MSNBC wants to be seen as a trusted, mainstream source of news and commentary, it needs to fire Buchanan now.

Sign the petition urging MSNBC to fire a known white supremacist here.

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at October 25, 2011, 10:26am

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