Occupy Wall Street: Jesse Jackson Helps Save Medi-Tent from Cops, Shocking Firsthand Arrest Report, Writers Weigh in and More

As the Occupy Wall Street movement readies for a march against police brutality today and another event for the same cause on Saturday, tense faceoffs continue.

Last night the Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. arrived at the protests' central location downtown just in time to save the medical tent from potentially being evicted by the NYPD. Reports Gothamist:

Things got tense again for a moment at Zuccotti Park last night when the NYPD tried to take away the Occupy Wall Street medical tent (which is against the rules) before no less than Jesse Jackson showed up. Yup. Fresh from DC, the civil rights activist swooped in just before midnight and appears to have helped persuade the NYPD not to remove the tent just yet (the human chain around it probably didn't hurt either).

The NYPD, for its part, says that officers were just making an inquiry about the tent but that they did not demand its removal..

The NYPD isn't just in the spotlight for its treatment of protesters. At Colorlines, Jorge Rivas has the low-down on the latest racist policing scandal in New York--and it's quite horrifying.

Speaking of unlawful law enforcement actions, Wonkette has a post with a firsthand account from the young woman who captured this weekend's arrests at a financial district CitiBank, at which customers trying to peaceably close their accounts were locked in and arrested. Her account is riveting and disturbing: 

As I arrived I saw Citi Bank security guards locking the doors to the bank.

Contrary to the Citi Bank PR statement, the cops were not yet on the scene when Citi Bank officials chose to lock the doors to the branch–effectively kidnapping those inside.

Since I could see my friends were still inside the bank, I took out my blackberry and began recording through the window.

As I filmed an undercover, plain clothes police officer approached a women standing next to me outside the window. He accused her of having been inside the bank and said she had to come with him. As you can see on the video she repeats over and over, “I’m a customer,” and she holds up her Citibank check book. Though it’s not audible on the video, she also told him that she was just trying to close her account....

I was shocked and shaken by what happened next. The women, and the man standing next to her, were dragged inside the bank through a side door and arrested allow with 22 others...

I watched in horror from the sidewalk as police dragged each person out one by one and loaded them into a line of paddy wagons. I could see that a few people were bleeding from their wrists where the police zip ties were cutting them.

Read the rest here.

Are the banks fighting back in other ways, too? Fishbowl LA has a report on a recently-spotted snide Bank of America advertisement that seems to be taking a potshot at OWS. Their rejoinder? "We here at Fishbowl LA would like to cordially tell the good people at BOfA to suck it, you hypocritical scum." Alright, then!

And now for your daily dose of Occupy Wall Street inspiration. Occupywriters.com has taken off: take a look and scroll through for your favorite writers' name. Apiece by Lemony Snicket, in particular, has gone viral: "Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending," the mysterious Snicket writes.

Lastly, this short film called "I Am Not Moving" which among other things, contrasts the new 99% movement to this year's protests worldwide, is perfect for passing on to friends and family: 

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at October 18, 2011, 7:18am

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