Ex Wall-Streeter (And Creator of Viral Charts on Inequality) On Why Wall Street Must Acknowledge Protests

It's the powerpoint presentation that has been seen around the world: 4 million hits and counting. A former Wall Streeter, Henry Blodgett, who founded the site BusinessInsider.com recently created a presentation that dramatically explains "why they're protesting", using graphs and charts that illustrate the absolute skyrocketing of economic inequality.

He appeared on CNN to explain the charts and his thinking, and the clip is below with the original BI post below that.

"People are saying 'we've had enough," said Blodgett on CNN. "There's a fundamental complaint here that I think Wall Street has to acknowledge." 

Not everything in this segment is in accord with what protesters might think, and throughout it there's a typical MSM tactic of distancing and dismissing the "fringe" of the movement.

But here's what this CNN clip and the popularity of the charts proves indisputably: Occupy Wall Street has already changed the conversation.

Major news networks aren't just talking about the protests, they're talking about the cause of the protests: economic inequality, something that has been ignored even as its worsened.

Blodgett did the movement a service by giving the world the numbers to back up the protesters' claims.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at October 18, 2011, 6:00am

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