Absurd Rick Santorum Tries to Blame Poor Economy on Single Mothers

 GOP Clown Car crewmember Rick Santorum has figured out how to save our economy:  marry off all the single mothers.

“Look at the political base of the Democratic Party: it is single mothers who run a household,” he said on the American Family Association’s radio show Today’s Issues.

“Why? Because it’s so tough economically that they look to the government for help and therefore they’re going to vote. So if you want to reduce the Democratic advantage, what you want to do is build two parent families, you eliminate that desire for government.”

Yeah that's right, Rick Santorum is blaming the economy on unwed single mothers, who of course only vote in order to further drain the resources of hard working men, the succubi they all are or something.  Gosh, if we got rid of single moms, America would be great again. 

“We need to have a policy that supports families, that encourages marriage, that has fathers take responsibility for their children,” he said.

“You can’t have limited government — you can’t have a wealthy society if the family breaks down, that basic unit of society. And that needs to be included in this economic discussion.”

Is this the part where I mention GOP Rep. Joe Walsh being a deadbeat dad who owes his wife and kids more than a hundred grand while loaning his campaign tens of thousands of dollars?  If only we could be more like upright, family oriented Republicans like Newt Gingrich, eh? Would also help if Republicans stopped blocking efforts to equalize gender pay so that women can earn more, but that's apparently not crossed their minds either.

Nope, easier to blame women.




No More Mister Nice Blog / By Zandar

Posted at October 17, 2011, 5:31am

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