Urgent Call For More Participants in Occupy Wall Street, as Bloomberg Plans to Evict Protesters

The Working Families Party issued an urgent plea on Thursday night calling for people to stand with the protesters who face eviction this morning from Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street protesters have set up camp for the better part of a month now.

The mayor claims the eviction is simply to allow sanitation workers to clean the park, but the City of New York has refused to allow protesters to bring in dumpsters or port-o-potties, which they requested in order to keep the park clean themselves.

WFP and others are requesting that people show solidarity with the protesters by going to the park as soon as possible, before the eviction effort gets under way. It is believed that if sufficient numbers of protesters are in the park -- some suggest that several thousand would do the trick -- the eviction will be called off or delayed.

From an e-mail sent Thursday night by the Working Families Party:

Just a few days ago, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced to the world that the protesters at Occupy Wall Street could stay as long as they wanted. But now, it sounds like he could be changing his mind.

According to his office, Zuccotti Park is set to be emptied of protesters and cleaned starting [TODAY]. In theory the protesters will be allowed back in, but there's a catch -- there will be a new set of rules, including no lying down and no sleeping bags. It seems clear to us these rules are designed to end any ongoing occupation of the park.

The Occupy Wall Street sanitation committee has begged the administration and anyone in earshot for dumpsters, but the City has ignored them. Instead, officials are using the excuse of cleaning the park as a back-door attempt to get protesters out of the park and put an early end to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

For us to succeed in helping the protesters stand their ground, please do these two things:

1) Show up [Friday] morning at 6am when the sanitation crews arrive to Zuccotti Park.

2) Call Mayor Bloomberg right now and demand that the protesters be allowed to stay. Here's a link to his phone number and a script. Be sure to tell us if you got through. 

Click here to tell us you made the call and to RSVP for tomorrow.

AlterNet / By AlterNet Staff

Posted at October 13, 2011, 6:08pm

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