Palin Industry Faces a Depression, Says Politico

Sarah Palin's announcement, however unsurprising, that she would not enter the contest for the Republican presidential nomination has thrown the Palin sector of the economy into a tailspin, says Politico's Ben Smith:

Palin-lovers, Palin-haters, a half-dozen publishing houses, and elements of the mainstream media who tracked her plans long after the Republican campaign bypassed her suddenly face a future without their entertaining, unpredictable, and now scarcely-relevant subject.

Talk about shared sarcrifice! A veritable model for the rest of America. Smith talked to prominent Palin fans and detractors about how they'll get on in the world without the specter of a President Palin:

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan, who risked his mainstream reputation to question Palin’s character, politics, and even maternity, told POLITICO that now he can “get a life.”

“Helping to prevent her from getting her hands on power was one of my guiding goals once I realized the MSM was never going to do it,” he wrote. “I lost vast tracts of time and not a few t-cells trying to understand and expose this farce and it’s a huge relief that this preposterous saga is over. Just knowing she isn’t a threat is a huge psychic relief if you care about America and the world.”

Because a President Perry will be so much better.


AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at October 6, 2011, 10:51am

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