More from Occupy Wall Street: A Firsthand Account of Arrests and Protester Portraits

The Occupy Wall Street protests continue, and there are some great pieces circulating on the web today. First and most important is this Tumblr post, "the girl with the red hair," from a young protester named Kelly Schomburg who was maced and arrested--and whose treatment at the hands of the NYPD was on a video that went viral. 

Her story of what happened after she was maced is harrowing:

During this time, the police were pushing their net up the street towards 5th Ave, and everyone on the sidewalk was being boxed in for arrest. They forced us to move, even though we were visibly suffering. As I was being pushed up the street, another protestor was pouring a milk solution on my face to ease the burning. They forced us all against the wall, and we knew we would be arrested. Everyone asked why; no police officer would respond. I was freaking out. One white-collar officer walked down the line and screamed, “YOU’RE ALL GETTING LOCKED UP!”. Some of the people on the block had not even been involved. Some were getting pushed or dragged under the nets by police so that they would be part of the mass arrest. Others in the area were tackled, beaten, dragged, or tazed by the officers. They put us all in plastic cuffs and placed us in lines. I put my head into my lap and sobbed. The person next to me asked why I was crying, and told me that it would be alright. No one around me had ever been arrested before.

The officer who escorted Schomburg to the bathroom tried to be conciliatory, but had no response when Schomburg explained that they hadn't been doing anything to provoke the arrests:

When we were exiting, she said that she didn’t like doing this, she had four kids and she didn’t think this was right. She agreed with our sentiment, but she didn’t understand why we had to be violent. I told her we were peaceful, and that I had been maced and arrested while walking on the sidewalk. She was silent. I looked at every officer who had let me through to use the bathroom and said thank you. They were silent.

A few news outlets have been taking photographs at and around the protests.

Lindsay Beyerstein has some excellent pictures  of signs from the protests at her flickr site. The New York Observer also has a series of 50 portraits of protesters that is both interesting and powerful.

Al-Jazeera English also says the protests are getting bigger, not smaller, after the arrests. Read their account here.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at September 27, 2011, 5:21am

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