Bill Maher, Michael Moore Defend Tony Bennett for Saying That U.S. Foreign Policy Helped Cause 9/11

On last night's Real Time, Bill Maher brought up the controversial statements made recently by jazz singer Tony Bennett. Speaking about 9/11 and American militarism on the Howard Stern Show, Bennett (a WWII veteran and a pacifist) said, "But who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right. They flew the plane in, but we caused it....Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop." Facing a backlash, Bennett quickly apologized for his remarks on his Facebook page.

When one of Maher's guests, CNN contributor John Avlon, said he was offended by Bennett's remarks, Maher and guest Michael Moore (two people who know a thing or two about being dragged through the mud for 9/11-related remarks) both disagreed. "I think it's a brave thing to say," Moore said of Bennett's comments. "If you have a pit bull in your neighbor's back yard, and you go over there and keep kicking that pit bull, and then the pit bull bites you, you don't say, 'Hey, I don't know why that pit bull bit me!' It's 'cause you've been kicking the dog!"

Watch that, plus some disagreements about whether the United States is an empire, here (via Mediaite):

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at September 24, 2011, 4:36am

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