Michael Moore, Roseanne, Rachel Maddow on Occupy Wall Street

 As we ease into the fourth day of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET—the protest in Lower Manhattan against the corporatization of the world and marginalization of the middle and working classes—the movement is gaining a tiny amount of momentum in the mainstream. The New York Times' CityRoom blog posted about it, with the Washington Post, CBS News, and others to follow. Unfortunately, the coverage in those outlets was more focused upon the negligible number of arrests (less than ten people at press time) than the true point of action—a trend of reporting on progressive protests that started around 1999 with the WTO in Seattle, and is surely too archaic for such bastions of journalism. But alas! Michael Moore appeared on Rachel Maddow last night to further emphasize the bias, and the disparity between coverage of progressive and hyper-conservative movements—with a particular emphasis on CNN's Tea Party parade/extravaganza/monster truck rally of last month. Watch, via Politics USA:




"A thousand people were arrested a couple weeks ago on the Tar Sands environmental issue," said Moore. "Hardly any coverage of this. Can you imagine if a thousand Tea Partiers had been arrested in front of the White House? It would be the top of every news story. People are down on Wall Street right now holding a sit in and a camp in down there, virtually no news about this protest. This goes on with liberals and the left all the time, and it gets ignored. Fortunately, there are shows like yours and others who aren’t ignoring it, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening and it will continue to happen."

Meanwhile, though, when progressive celebrities use their platform to speak out, it increases the chances of coverage. And who better to talk about class disparity than Roseanne Barr, whose awesome '90s sitcom portrayed one of our favorite working class TV families ever? Yesterday, Barr showed up to Wall Street (clad in her uniform of flannel and denim, which makes us so happy) and delivered a typically impassioned speech demanding a "system that rewards people for hard work but takes care of its weakest child... and [in which] being called a 'feminazi' for saying this will be considered treasonous." Pardon us but... hell yeah! Watch her speech below, and shout out to the homies wearing Anonymous' signature Guy Fawkes mask in the background (Barr says she loves them, too). #OCCUPYWALLSTREET continues on today... get down there if you can.


AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at September 20, 2011, 4:22am

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