Ron Paul Campaign Hires Hard-Core Anti-Gay Activist As Iowa Director

Rep. Ron Paul, Texas -- the GOP presidential candidate some progressives love to love -- has hired as his Iowa state campaign director one Michael Heath, formerly of the Maine Christian Civic League (which became the Maine Family Policy Association, an affiliate of Focus on the Family), formerly of the American Family Association and a notorious anti-gay activist. (h/t Dirigo Blue)

Actually, Heath proved too crazy for the Maine Family Policy Association, which wound up sidelining Heath during the religious right's battle against same-sex marriage in the state, according to Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch, for making outrageous statements blaming the nation's financial crisis on the presumed sexual sins of LGBT people, as well as women who use contraceptives. Heath also called same-sex marriage the work of Satan.

So there's your cute, anti-war libertarian for you: spreadin' the hate on LGBT folks. And, yes, Ron Paul should be judged by the company he keeps, and the people he hires.

AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at September 13, 2011, 8:52am

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