A New Kind of Divorce Compensation: French Woman Gets $14,000 From Sexless Husband

 In France, they apparently take lack of sex very, very seriously.

In France, it turns out that having a sexless marriage can cost you big time.

A French woman divorced her husband of 21 years over lack of sex and then demanded compensation for it. The Telegraph reports that a judge ordered the man to pay $14,000, citing Article 215 of France's civil code. Article 215 says married couples must have a “shared communal life,” which includes sex as an expression of affection, according to the judge.

The 51-year-old man (going by the name Jean-Louis B) blamed tiredness and poor health for his inattentiveness in the bedroom.

“Sexual relations must form a part of marriage,” the judge ruled, and you gotta wonder if this will trigger a explosion of similar actions from neglected spouses all over France who figure they might be due a little something for the something-something they haven’t been getting … and/or whether many spouses will suddenly dust off their partner and find a newfound appreciation for his or her many attractions.

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Posted at September 6, 2011, 12:11pm