Huh? Tea Party Republicans Cheer Federal Investment in Texas Rail Project

OMG, I cannot believe Rick Perry is allowing this to happen in his own state!

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has joined with Texas officials and railroad industry leaders to announce nearly $50 million in rail investments to bolster both passenger and freight service through the state, and jumpstart planning for high-speed rail between Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Isn't that a violation of the Tenth Amendment or something? Tea party Republicans have got to be LIVID about this obvious act of SOCIALISM. Except:

“Tower 55 is a crossroads of the North American continent,” said Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

“This project will allow the Tower to go from a legacy chokepoint to the model of a freight and passenger checkpoint, a facility featuring efficiency, safety, and convenience.”

Well, I guess KBH isn't a tea partier, right? But:

According to Senator John Cornyn, “Tower 55 is a crossroads of the Texas economy.

“These improvements will help ensure our state remains the economic leader it is while improving the safety and commute times of those within Fort Worth.”

Holy smokes! Cornyn's a SOCIALIST too? He thinks this kind of infrastructure project will HELP Texas? Surely KBH and Cornyn have been shunned by their GOP colleagues, right? No:

“The Tower 55 improvement project will create hundreds of jobs and will bring in over $1 billion to our economy while upgrading one of the most congested rail intersections in the country,” said Congresswoman Kay Granger.

“Tower 55 is the crossroads of the rail industry in Texas and this grant is a great example of what can be achieved when federal, state, and local partners work together with the private sector to find solutions.”

State and local governments working with the Feds? You've got to be kidding me! Where's the tea party outrage? Not here:

“This is about safety and economic well-being,” said Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D.

“When the trains back up, cities all the way into Denton County face blocked rail crossings. And goods moving from the North to the South and the East to the West are delayed.

“Improvements to Tower 55 not only benefit Fort Worth, but the state of Texas and the nation as well.”

Burgess, by the way, is a member of the Tea Party Caucus, yet here he is saying the state of Texas and the nation can work together? Surely Rick Perry would stand up to this nonsense, right? Not exactly.

“This project could not have happened without the unprecedented collaboration of a number of entities that supported this essential project,” said Texas Transportation Commissioner William Meadows.

Meadows was appointed by Rick Perry, yet he says this awful federal intervention in Texas' sovereignty is "essential." Yep, even Rick Perry's appointee thinks this federal investment will be good for the state and good for the country.

And you know what? He's probably right. It's just too bad that tea partiers only like federal spending when it's spent on themselves.

Daily Kos / By Jed Lewison | Sourced from

Posted at September 2, 2011, 12:27pm

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