Scary: NRA Telemarketing Uses Conspiracy Theories And Fake School Shootings Compassion To Grab Memberships

Media Matters got this video from David in Colorado who received a telemarketing phone call from the NRA. The caller is working from an obvious script complete with worldwide conspiracies including: Hillary Clinton, Cuba and Iran.

Perhaps my favorite part is when the NRA caller offers condolences for "the school shooting," even though she of course doesn't know which school shooting she's offering condolences for when challenged (it is apparently that one "in the paper" that "recently" happened--you know, Columbine, in 1999).

There is no such thing as shame--not during Wayne LaPierre's tenure at the NRA. They'll use fake compassion over a school shooting and a manufactured galactic conspiracy if it will bring in more cash for arms dealers and help pay LaPierre's $1.27 million salary per year.

Crooks and Liars / By Cliff Schecter | Sourced from

Posted at August 25, 2011, 9:26am

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