Maddow on Earthquake Risks for Nuclear Plants, and How Preparing for Disaster Helps the Economy

In the middle of laughing over the tameness of the East Coast Earthquake yesterday, a few of us were a little bit concerned about the fact that the quake was felt in a number of areas with nuclear power plants, power plants whose ability to withstand environmental trauma was called into question after the Fukishima disaster in Japan.

Right now, while things seem okay in New York and Virginia, it's a subject worth thinking about for the future. Rachel Maddow has a thorough rundown on the quake, and the risk natural disasters pose for power plants throughout the States. Keep watching, as she and Ed Rendell discuss why shoring up infrastructure in advance of future quakes and disasters.

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If you want more information on how the nuclear plants in the Northeast will withstand quakes, there's an excellent report from iWatch, the publication of the Center for Public Integrity. They review some of the same information as Maddow, while offering maps which point out the confluence of fault lines and power plants.

iWatch News has reported , regulators have been aware for years of understated seismic risks to nuclear plants -- but have dawdled on fixes to make reactors more secure. Despite six years of study, industry collaboration and a missed deadline, the NRC is still months from a decision. Read more here .


AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at August 24, 2011, 4:38am

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