10,000 Signatures Delivered to Bank of America: Stop Screwing Homeowners!

 For Vera Johnson, fighting foreclosure isn't just about keeping her home. It's about keeping her job. Vera runs a thriving nursery business on her property in Seattle. Recently divorced and raising two kids, Vera needs this job to provide for her family.

Last week, Vera was scheduled to have, what she thought would be, a fairly productive meeting with Bank of America to discuss the final steps of her loan modification application. She also planned to deliver 10,000 Change.org signatures to Bank of America representatives.

Instead, Vera was met with some rather hostile and just plain over-the-top security measures.

Take a look:


Vera was also escorted to the restroom by security, right before they swiftly moved her out of the building.

It doesn’t matter that Vera qualifies for a permanent loan modification, or that she’s tried to work with the bank to get her application for financial hardship submitted for over 18 months—a process that’s been delayed time and time again because the bank keeps losing or misplacing her applications documents.

It doesn’t matter that the bank’s customer service and several rounds of 'missing' paperwork could end up costing Vera her home and business of 32 years.

In Vera’s own words, “We are in a system where we’re all looked at as account numbers, profits, risks, losses—anything but people.”

Vera is determined to keep the pressure on Bank of America to service her loan responsibly. The morning after delivering your signatures, Vera interviewed with MSNBC Live, drawing even more people to support her cause and sign the petition to save her home.

Vera says she appreciates everyone who signed her petition. It has given her great strength and inspiration, and your support could very well determine the outcome of her story.

And, although Vera’s future remains uncertain, we know Bank of America--like any corporation--can be forced to do right by the people if we come together to demand it.

If you haven’t already, please sign the petition, pass it on to your friends and family, and continue stand with homeowners like Vera Johnson.

Change.org / By igardiner

Posted at August 16, 2011, 6:33am

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