Bully Bachmann Staffers Shove CNN Reporter—to Avoid Answering Questions?

Michele Bachmann spoke for a mere three minutes in Iowa yesterday—about 12 less than the average candidate—before being escorted out by staffers. But as CNN reporter Don Lemon attempted to ask her "very respectful" questions about the straw poll, two female members of her staff, along with her husband Marcus, elbowed and shoved him out of the way—a weird move that CNN called "being cocooned by a ring of protectors.. Video:


Bachmann's press secretary said the staffers were simply trying to protect Bachmann, but "Friday's episode was unusual," noted CNN. 

“She came out, after speaking for just a couple minutes,” Lemon said. “There were other reporters and cameras there. And I asked her very respectful questions: ‘How do you think you did in the debate last night?’ and ‘How do you think you’re going to end up in the Ames Straw Poll?’ And her two campaign aides started elbowing me.”

Lemon continued: “I told them, asked them not to elbow me. And then her husband Marcus started doing the same thing. And then he elbowed me into the cart. And I said, ‘You just pushed me into the cart.’ And he goes, ‘No, you did it yourself.’

“It was just, I don’t know, why they would choose to do that. We weren’t asking any ‘gotcha’ questions,” Lemon added.


Read the full piece here. And here's an updateon the Ames Straw Poll that pits Bachmann against Pawlenty for favored candidate.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at August 13, 2011, 6:01am

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