Take a Stand to Responsibly Reduce War Costs - It's What's " Killing" Us

 Brave New Foundation brings hope to the disastrous debt-ceiling debate, turning austerity on its head and suggesting we cut our country’s biggest, most harmful, tax-sucker: war.  In the midst of a deficit-reduction battle and broken economy, War Costs (sign the petition), could save the government a crucial $1 trillion, all the while sending more loved ones home alive.

But the military contractors getting rich off American death will lobby and pump cash into political campaigns, spewing lies and hurting our people out of their own greed. Members of the debt-ceiling's new congressional committee have already accepted $1 million from the war profiteers since 2007.

But Brave New Foundation will not back down. Here are their plans:

1. Demand members of the congressional committee formed from the debt-ceiling deal take no financial contributions from military contractors while they are on the committee, and that they fully disclose any meetings with military contractors.

2. Expose military contractors’ spokespeople and lies just as the committee is pressured on possible cuts.

But War Costs won’t stop there:

"Then, we'll expand our campaign. We'll document the massive war spending, mayhem caused by pursuit of empire, and the racket run by big military contractors to keep the spending going. We'll also focus on how to stop it.

You stood with us on other critical issues--fake journalism at FOX News, the ugly truth about WalMart, rethinking the Afghanistan War. We need you with us again to show Washington, D.C. that lobbyists aren't the only ones who can apply pressure."

The contract is time sensitive, so if you want to help Brave New Foundation save the economy and stop military contractors from putting dollar signs on American lives, don’t wait. Sign now.

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at August 12, 2011, 7:52am

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