Jon Stewart on Fox Anchor's Maternity Leave Defense: Entitlements Are Only OK If They Benefit You?

Doing what he does best last night, Jon Stewart completely eviscerated Fox anchor Megyn Kelly's hypocrisies on government entitlements. As you may recall, Kelly recently returned from maternity leave and promptly put conservative windbag Mike Gallagher in his place on the value of maternity leave. "The United States is in the Dark Ages when it comes to maternity leave," she said. And she was right.

The problem is, Kelly only seems to value government programs (like the Family and Medical Leave Act) when they benefit her. The Daily Showdug up several clips of Kelly complaining about government entitlements, and Jon Stewart noted, "This is the problem with entitlements. They're really only entitlements when they're something other people want. When it's something you want, they're a hallmark of a society and foundation of a great people." Indeed.

Watch the segment, and ponder the question, "Seriously, how many hours of Fox News do those people watch each day?" right here:

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AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at August 12, 2011, 7:16am

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