Fox News Bullies: Red Eye Commentators Call Kids in Van Jones Video "A Bunch of Dorks" and "Little Bastards"

 Fox News took ridiculing liberals to a whole new level yesterday, proving they will unreasonably attack anyone – even children – when it comes to debasing a valid progressive argument. Commentators on yesterday’s Red Eye program went so far as to call children participating in the videofor Van Jones' Contract for the American Dream “a bunch of dorks” and “little bastards.” 

But before bullying the kids on national television, Greg Gutfeld uttered this ridiculously ironic disclaimer:

“The two minute video uses kids to push its ten point lefty agenda, but don’t worry, were not going to make you watch the whole thing. Nobody cares about viewers the way Red Eye does after all, so get your barf bags ready, people."

Barf bags were indeed necessary, though not because of the video. The exchange of irresponsible idiocy that followed (and is posted below) prompted MoveOn.Org and the Contract for the American People to release this statement:

"Fox News is hardly a beacon of responsible journalism. But even by their low standards, calling innocent children "dorks" and "bastards," as they did yesterday, is disgusting. With society focusing more and more on the terrible consequences of bullying, a gang of adults making derogatory comments about a bunch of kids and then laughing about it sends exactly the wrong message to our youth.

"Millions of kids across America struggle every single day with bullying in their schools and in their communities. The last thing any child should be subjected to is bullying by adults on television. Fox News should tell the panelists who made these comments that they're no longer welcome on the network, and issue an apology to the children and their families."

Read the transcript (from Media Matters) or watch the video:

GREG GUTFELD (host): KT, is it OK for -- to use kids to sell a political agenda? Or does it come off as crass to you?

KT McFARLAND (Fox News contributor): I think that just -- the more we see of this, the better. These kids are a bunch of dorks. I grew up -- I grew up in the era when the libs were supposed to be the cool guys. They were having, you know, the pool parties where everyone was getting thrown in. I was a Republican -- I was, like, you know, like, the little White House thing, and everybody [inaudible] had their Peter Pan collars. These guys are a bunch of dorks. I mean, that looks like it's something that the good old Republicans had put out for the state fair.

GUTFELD: That's an interesting point. So you're saying it's almost reversed it now, where the left has become the right in terms of earnestness and humorlessness, that now it is almost rebellious to be on the other side. I didn't think of it that way, KT, but that's why you are here. And Joe, that's why you're not here. What do you make of this, Joe? I saw you - I saw you tearing up. I thought you might have liked it.

JOE DeVITO (comedian): I did, because those little bastards are making me so angry that -- this video reminded me of -- the other night you were talking about the interview with Gwyneth Paltrow.


DeVITO: And you could not make a parody that would hits the points better than what they're actually putting out there. This was so -- I am glad they are calling it the "dream," because you are dreaming if you think this stuff is going to work. A couple of the points - free medical coverage like in other advanced countries -- like Greece and England, the continental model we're supposed to be so jealous of. Pony rides -- not on the list.

The video is part of and Rebuild the Dream's joint effort to revitalize the American dream with a progressive economic vision supported by more than 130,000 Americans. The parents and children were asked to read through the contract to make sure they approved of the video's message. They did. 

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at August 11, 2011, 10:09am

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