Michael Moore Wants Obama to "Show Some Guts and Arrest" S&P CEO

Michael Moore has been tweeting his discontent at the S&P rating—not the downgrade specifically, but the fact that Standard & Poor's are part of the network of Wall Street capitalists that totally screwed our economy in the first place (see: saying mortgage stocks were solid) before screwing us even more. The Washington Times has the tweets:

On his Twitter feed Monday, the Oscar-winning film director also blamed the 2008 economic collapse on Standard & Poor’s — apparently because it and other credit-ratings agencies did not downgrade mortgage-based bonds, which encouraged the housing bubble and let it spread throughout the economy.

“Pres Obama, show some guts & arrest the CEO of Standard & Poors. These criminals brought down the economy in 2008& now they will do it again,” Mr. Moore wrote.

Mr. Moore went on to note that the “owners of S&P are old Bush family friends,” continuing a theme he has developed through several films about capitalism as essentially a crony system for the rich and Wall Street, especially the Bush family.

Moore's most recent film is, appropriately, "Capitalism: A Love Story." 


AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at August 9, 2011, 4:57am

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