Right Wing, James O'Keefe-Style Nude Photo Sting Forces New Jersey Democrat to Resign

Louis Magazzu, head of the Democratic party in Cumberland County, NJ, has resigned after nude cell phone self-portraits were leaked on the internet. Which sounds like a Weiner redux situation, but it's not: the photos were leaked by a woman Magazzu was involved in a years-long consensual relationship with, after it was revealed she was secretly working with "an avowed political enemy." Namely, a seemingly James O'Keefe-inspired "non-profit political watchdog group" that ran a blog called "Magazzu Watch." Daily Mail:

The man who posted the photos, Carl B. Johnson of Millville, said that he was happy Magazzu was leaving office and that he would consider taking down the photos.


He said: 'He should have stepped down a long time ago for many reasons. His brand of politics is harmful to the entire political process. I'm sorry it had to happen this way.'


Mr Johnson said he started his website three years ago after a dispute with Magazzu over claims about property taxes. 

He decided to post the photos because Magazzu had brought up Johnson's family and back child support payments during their squabble, he said.


'I started the blog three years ago after a nasty freeholder meeting...it started as a way to expose the dirty underbelly of Cumberland County politics.

While politicians sending nudie pics on social media is stupid, it is not an impeachable offense—we're all adults here, and moralizing about politicians' private sexuality puts us on shaky ground. But a blogger with a personal beef taking down a politician with a sting op—based on right wing, Christian moralizing—while not new, will never cease to shock. 

Magazzu's lawyers are currently considering filing criminal charges:

"Magazzu's attorney, Rocco Cipparone, said they are looking into whether Mr Johnson violated criminal and civil privacy laws by posting the photos and sending uncensored copies to local newspapers.He said: 'He is the victim of unauthorized, non-consensual dissemination of these photos. While his sending images may be considered indiscreet, it was a private communication intended for one other person only.'

Read more here.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at August 3, 2011, 6:51am

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