The Nation Editor Chris Hayes Scores MSNBC Show

 While some of us are still reeling over the departure of Cenk Uygur (and uh, Keith Olbermann) from MSNBC, with progressive exits there are progressive entrances. And the news network's latest hire is one of our own: Chris Hayes, DC Editor of the Nation, will begin hosting a new weekend morning show beginning September 17, 2011. Many of us are familiar with Hayes from his stints filling in for Maddow when she's been on vacation or otherwise indisposed, and his contributorship to that show and Lawrence O'Donnell, as well. His poise and clarity—not to mention his snappy delivery—has made him a fan favorite substitute, so clearly MSNBC saw the writing on the wall. Plus, starting him out on a weekend seems to be the right move, giving him a chance to grow and thrive before subjecting him to the pressure of prime time. 

But what does this mean for his Nation editorship? Well, luckily he'll still be on, but in an Editor at Large capacity. From a press release:

"When I hired Chris some thought it was a gamble, bringing on a 28 year old to run the DC bureau. I knew then what so many have come to recognize--he was a star: an intellectual omnivore, a person of integrity, independent mind, with an unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence," said Nation Editor & Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel.


“The range of Chris's work as a political writer and reporter is remarkable and he has brought intellectual firepower, reportorial storytelling, creative dynamism and stylistic distinction to the Nation's coverage of political ideas and movements in our capital and country in these last, critical years," added vanden Heuvel.

Hayes has written on a range of issues, including US politics, economic policy, conservatives and the American right as well as US foreign policy. He is at work on a book examining the Crisis of Authority in American life--based on his widely acclaimed February 1, 2010 article in The Nation, "System Failure." Hayes' many contributions also included hosting the popular weekly podcast series, The Breakdown, at

Really looking forward to seeing what fresh ideas Hayes brings to the table. For the Nation's congratulations post, and to read some of his great work, click on over here.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at August 2, 2011, 6:56am

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