The GOP's Ridiculous Idea of A "Historic Event": That's Right, A Twitter Debate

Earlier today The-Tea-Party-dot-Net hosted what they vigorously asserted to be an "historic" event: the first presidential primary debate conducted via Twitter. Mind you, I was initially skeptical, but I was very, very wrong. We may have found the perfect media for conservative candidates to really shine in. Dear candidates: please solve each of America's problems in one short sentence. Oh, and there will be no follow-ups.

Not every candidate chose to take advantage of this historic challenge to be as vapid as possible in the public square. Which is too bad, because really, I think there may be no better way to judge a person's readiness to lead the free world than this.

There were epic bon mots:

Inexplicable use of hash tags:

Puffery bordering on self-delusion:

And, alas, candidates who were just too long winded for their own good:

Yeah, sorry pal. Too long; didn't read.

Daily Kos / By Hunter | Sourced from

Posted at July 20, 2011, 1:19pm

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