UPDATE: At least 14 Arrested in 'Anonymous' Hackers Bust

According to CNN, a federal government official said at least 14 people connected to the activist hacker group 'Anonymous' were arrested today in a nationwide bust that stretched from California to New Jersey. Early this morning, the FBI executed search warrants that, according to CNN, federal officials expected to result in at least 15 arrests. 

Strong supporters of Julian Assange, Anonymous has hacked websites for Visa,Mastercard, Church of Scientology, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America. Anonymous has also been linked to cyber attacks at the CIA, Sony, Fox News, and the Arizona Department of Corrections.

The group is being targeted for denial-of-service attacks, in which large amounts of traffic are directed to a website, which the traffic overloads and shuts down.  

Also today, Anonymous hacker affiliates LulzSec took over the website for Murdoch's newspaper The Sun, re-directing visitors to their Twitter page.

According to CNN, The FBI in New York  would not confirm Tuesday's actions involved Anonymous. "These search warrants are being executed in connection with an ongoing FBI investigation," said FBI spokesman Peter Donald.

Read more of the CNN report here.

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Posted at July 19, 2011, 11:26am