The Daily Show's Lizz Winstead Launches Funny Tour To Seriously Save Planned Parenthood

The Daily Show co-creator and Air America co-founder Lizz Winstead will use her wit and sense of humor to save Planned Parenthood in her “Planned Parenthood: I’m Here for You!” tour kicking-off July 9th in Pontiac, Michigan.

This summer, Winstead, whose hilarious words have a way of bringing out the absurdity in politics, will use comedy to share Planned Parenthood’s role in her life and raise awareness of the government’s attack on women’s health.

“Throughout my life, I have turned to Planned Parenthood for many of my health care needs. Planned Parenthood’s health centers were the only affordable solution. And they were always there for me. My life could have been very different without them. I am grateful,” said Winstead, who is no stranger to reinventing how people get their news.

 WInstead’s political wit and sense of humor has been central to, among other projects, The Daily Show and, later, to Air America’s “Unfiltered” radio show, where Rachel Maddow and Chuck D of Public Enemy also lent their talent.

“Women’s health has become the number one target of the radical right – even worse, it has been reduced to a bargaining chip,” said Winstead. “I say enough is enough, and so should anyone who has relied on Planned Parenthood for basic health care, or knows someone who has. Planned Parenthood has been there for me in every facet of my reproductive health, and now I want to be there for them.”

Her summer tour promises the kind of irreverent comedic insight she is known for in politics, and Planned Parenthood said they are “thrilled” to have her own board.

GOP, beware: Winstead’s wit just might laugh your anti-women’s health rhetoric back to the drawing room.

Here is a taste:

“If creating jobs is the number one priority for politicians in this country, why are they so focused on my uterus?” she asks. “My uterus doesn't create jobs – in fact it no longer even does the one job it's supposed to!"

Read more on her blog.

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at July 6, 2011, 10:19am

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