Ohio Signs Into Law a Bill That Allows Guns In Bars. What Could Go Wrong?

Yesterday, Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law "a bill that allows gun owners in the state to carry concealed weapons into bars and other places where alcohol is served." Sure. Great idea. Neat law.

I know what you're thinking: Because of its inhibition-lowering properties, alcohol use results in lots of bar fights and other alcohol-related violence already, so it seems like a REALLY BAD IDEA to throw guns into the mix!

Well, no doy, they thought of that! That's why the law "prohibits gun owners from consuming alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they carry their weapons into bars."

Alcohol + Guns + Honor System = NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!

Now, in case you're the sort of person who doesn't want to take your concealed weapon into a bar, but you WOULD like to carry it to a sporting event or a mall, fear not: You have not been left out.
The new laws allow residents to carry concealed handguns into licensed establishments in the state, including shopping malls and sporting venues.

The new law also allows a person with a concealed carry license to transport a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle without securing it in a holster, case, bag or box -- and allows them to remove a handgun from a secure location.

Shakesville / By Melissa McEwan | Sourced from

Posted at July 1, 2011, 5:09am

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