The Tea Party and Soviet Communism Have A Lot in Common

  For all their hatred of communism, these Tea Partiers sure do like the way they did business:

Bachmann is doubling down on her false statement[that the founders "worked tirelessly to end slavery"] and refusing to admit she was wrong — and not only that, now she’s claiming that John Quincy Adams was one of the founding fathers.

John Quincy Adams was eight years old when the Declaration of Independence was written.

UPDATE at 6/28/11 10:58:15 am
And now, someone has tried to edit the Wikipedia page for John Quincy Adams, to make him a founding father: John Quincy Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Airbrushing history was a hallmark of the old Soviet Union. They tended to take out inconvenient people rather than put preferred people in, but the idea is the same: if you don't like what happened, just alter the history to reflect what you want it to reflect.

It's always so interesting to see the similarities in totalitarians of all ideological stripes. W

Hullabaloo / By Digby

Posted at June 29, 2011, 3:03am

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