Planned Parenthood Goes Dark in Indiana

Indiana Republicans have forced the closure* of all 28 Planned Parenthood clinics in their state, even though only four of them provided any abortion services. Previously, Planned Parenthood in Indiana earned $1.3 million a year for its work with Medicaid recipients. Those low-income women will now find it much harder to get access to female contraception and basic health care. Many of them will, as a result of this hostility from Indiana Republicans, experience an unplanned pregnancy and will seek out abortions, or they will have less access to health care during their pregnancy, resulting in less healthy babies. I know it's hard to get inside the brains of Republicans, but the opposite of planned parenthood is unplanned parenthood. And it is only the latter that causes elective abortions to occur in the first place. No organization prevents more abortions than Planned Parenthood. Nice work, assholes.


*Ed note: closures are temporary, we hope.


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Posted at June 22, 2011, 2:50am