GOPer Jon Huntsman Announces Presidential Bid; Campaign Kicks Off by Misspelling His Name

So it's official. Jon Huntsman is running for president.

Against the same guy he once called a "remarkable leader." (h/t: Kombiz)

And everybody is super excited. Yay.

Ben Smith identifies at least one happy supporter at Huntsman's kickoff:

Brief survey of crowd includes some undecided College Republicans bused from DC, couple of operatives here to gawk, one enthused supporter

As Ben notes, it was a beautiful backdrop. Meanwhile, ABC says Huntsman's campaign can't spell his own name:

Every detail of Jon Huntsman’s long-awaited campaign launch was meticulously planned, except of course for one minor detail: the misspelling of the candidate’s name.

Members of the media were handed a press pass that read “John Huntsman for President." Members of the media were handed a press pass that read “John Huntsman for President”.  -- adding an unnecessary H in the candidate's first name.

Huntsman’s staffers promptly scrambled to remove the passes from reporters before they caught the snafu. Today’s campaign kickoff at Liberty State Park is a nod to Ronald Reagan, who used the State of Liberty backdrop to launch his 1980 general election campaign.

Personally, the typo I usually make with his name is putting the "s" before the "t" (like this: "Hunstman"). But Sam Stein reports all hope is not yet lost:

Huntsman walked straight from the announcement to Sean hannitys set

Woo! That's one Hannity I'm sure not going to miss.

Unless something more interesting comes up. Like flossing.

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Posted at June 21, 2011, 6:19am