New York on Cusp of Legalizing Gay Marriage After Swing Republican's Amazing Speech

 New York state is now one vote away from legalizing gay marriage after a Republican state senator, Roy J. McDonald, came forward to support the bill Tuesday. He's the second GOP member to come to this decision, but he no doubt gave the best speech:

“I’m tired of Republican, Democrat politics; I’m tired of blowhard radio people, blowhard television people, blowhard newspapers,” he said. “They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background, I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.

Couldn't have said it better! The bill is likely to come up for a vote on Friday, and will likely pass, according to two Republican sources interviewed by the New York Times.

There are now 31 declared supporters of same-sex marriage in the Republican-controlled, 62-member Senate. The Assembly, which is controlled by Democrats, has voted in favor of same-sex marriage several times and is expected to do so again this week. [...]






But several Republican senators who had previously voted against same-sex marriage acknowledged that they were now undecided, including Mark Grisanti of Buffalo and Stephen M. Saland of the Hudson Valley.

Andrew J. Lanza, a Republican senator from Staten Island, said Tuesday that he believed the legislation would pass if brought to a vote. “At this point, if I would vote now, it’s no,” Mr. Lanza said. “I’m trying to determine if that’s where, whenever the vote comes, that’s where I should ultimately be. I’m open to the notion that being a ‘no’ is not the right vote.”




AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at June 15, 2011, 7:45am

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