Glenn Beck Exploits Auschwitz to Promote New TV Show

Glenn Beck's Fox career ends this month, but the talk show host is set to migrate online in September, with the creation of a paid subscription TV channel called GBTV.

The success of Beck's new venture rides on the number of paid subscribers that sign up to the service. Luring Fox's elderly audience online seems like a feat, but according toForbes, Beck needs to pull in only 50,000 Fox viewers to surpass the salary he was making at the network.

Naturally, Beck is working to attract paying viewers in the classiest way possible: by exploiting the Holocaust. As Media Matters reports, on his show yesterday Beck promised paid subscribers of Glenn Beck TV special access to a tour he is taking of Auschwitz:

BECK: I am going to take a tour, and I will announce who I am going on this tour with. But I think it is pretty stunning who's hopefully taking me on this tour. I have never wanted to go because I know the story. I - this is going to be a train wreck, an absolute train wreck. But I think it is important, it's an important part of the story of 8-24. I'm going to Poland in a few weeks and I'm going to take you to Auschwitz, live, as I am taken on a tour of Auschwitz, as I prepare mentally and prepare the story for 8-24. I don't even know what that's going to be like. I have no idea what that's going to be like.

But there are going to be things, live events, including 8-24, with behind the scenes access, documentaries that you won't see anywhere else, interviews and things with world leaders, right there as they happen. It's going to be quite a wild summer. And you can sign up now at [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 6/7/11]

You see future Glenn Beck TV subscribers? Glenn Beck is willing to risk going to Auschwitz for you, even though it's very difficult for him. The Holocaust is not the only tragedy that Beck aims to exploit for publicity this summer though. There's also the absurd "Restoring Courage"rally in Jerusalem on August 24th, where Beck and special guest Joe Lieberman will help inject more ignorance, bias and hate into media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

AlterNet / By Tana Ganeva

Posted at June 9, 2011, 7:02am

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