Wealthy Americans Reject Bush Tax Cuts; Say "Tax Me, Please!"

A group of millionaires have gotten together to create a video about a “mistake” made ten years ago: the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. While they got more money (which has gone to dance floors and yachts), local, state, and federal budgets are facing shortfalls that mean cuts to vital investments. Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Rob Johnson and ND20 contributor Dan Berger joined other wealthy Americans with one simple call: “Tax me.”

“You decided our country needed less money,” Berger points out. This has lead to less money for “science research, education,” as Johnson says, among other things. But “rich people are the cause of a robust economy, they’re the result of a robust economy,” says David Watson, a Google Software Engineer. So they should be taxed their fair share to ensure we have the revenues to keep the country strong.

Will policymakers heed their call?

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**Also be sure to check out Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal discussing why the tax cuts haven’t led to more jobs like we were promised.

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Posted at June 8, 2011, 5:02am