Sigh: John Edwards Indicted, Faces Felony Charges

Must we continue to be reminded of what a disappointment John Edwards turned out to be? Apparently, yes:

John Edwards Indicted By Federal Grand Jury

A federal grand jury today indicted former Sen. John Edwards after a two-year investigation seeking to connect the 2008 presidential candidate to an allegedly illegal scheme to cover-up his extra-marital affair.

The case against Edwards, which called on more than 100 witnesses, will seek to prove that hundreds of thousands of dollars were allegedly used illegally to seclude and support his mistress Rielle Hunter, so Edwards could continue his campaign for the presidency in 2008.

As Politico's Mike Allen notes, Edwards can count on support from... pretty much no one. His campaign staffers "consider him pathetic at best," witnesses' lawyers are warning them to keep mum, and "any affection [his campaign team] held for the family ended with last years’s passing of Elizabeth Edwards." Ouch.

Like many progressives, I was a John Edwards fan in the '08 presidential primary, because he was one of the only candidates to give more than lip service to issues of class and poverty. And like many progressives, I've felt burned by Edwards' long, painful fall from grace. Amanda Marcotte wrote a great piece for Comment Is Free about our collective, bitter disappointment in Edwards:

For those of us who supported Edwards because we support economic justice, his downfall is more than a simple warning about the importance of putting country before your own selfish desires. It also feels like the death knell for a liberalism rooted in fairness, where preserving a middle class and keeping people out of poverty is central to the Democratic agenda. Now, we live in an era when the people in power blather on about deficits while the country suffers record unemployment. And there are few Democratic politicians capable of playing the role Edwards did in 2008 – of making the economic concerns of ordinary Americans central to their political agenda.

Read Marcotte's entire CIF piece here, and read more about the Edwards indictment here.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at June 3, 2011, 4:55am

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