Sarah Palin and Donald Trump's "Pizza Summit" Last Night: What Did They Discuss?

Last night, media personalities/aspiring Republican heavyweights Donald Trump and Sarah Palin held a brief powwow both at the Donald's penthouse and later, at a New York city pizza chain in Times Square (where they were photographed and noticed by this Daily Kos community member). Oh, those two juggernauts of wealth were truly keeping it real at their cordoned-off, guarded section of the down-home pizza joint. This historic meeting of the minds was written up in ABC's "The Note" blog like so: 

Palin's office reached out to meet with Trump, not the other way around, Michael Cohen, special counsel at the Trump organization told ABC News.

The two met in his 30,000-square-foot apartment in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and later ate dinner together.

At Palin's request they dined at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria near Times Square. "She wanted pizza," a source familiar with the dining decision said.

Palin, Trump and his wife, Melania, Palin's parents and her daughter, Piper, shared several large pizzas -- both plain cheese and pepperoni -- and sodas. They sat at a private table in the restaurant, cordoned off with yellow tape and bodyguards.

No one knows exactly what these two discussed, as Palin remains extremely coy about the true purpose behind her road trip extravaganza. Still, it's fun to speculate.

Did they do some sort of "you're fired!" "I quit" routine, poking fun at his catchphrase and her approach to the Alaska governorship? Trade makeup and green room tips about the Fox News studios? Come up with more conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's mysterious origins? Discuss what it's like to be parodied with regular venom on Saturday Night Live? Or did these two merely debate the merits of pepperoni and plain?

Oh, to be a fly on that grubby pizzeria wall. Or perhaps on the wall of the 30,000 square foot penthouse where they met earlier.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at June 1, 2011, 5:45am

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