PBS Site Hacked by WikiLeaks Defenders

A group of hackers calling themselves The Lulz Boat wormed into the PBS website and posted a fake news story in response to a WikiLeaks program they disagreed with. The story, though, had nothing to do with Julian Assange: the fake news piece claimed that Tupac was alive and living in New Zealand. Which is funny because it further proves Pac is the post-'80s Elvis (he's alive!) and that it assumes Pac would actually want to live down under if he were. Back to the hack:

Comments posted by LulzSec indicated that the group was unhappy with a Frontline program about WikiLeaks that recently aired on PBS. The group began posting messages on Twitter about midnight on Sunday: “What’s wrong with @PBS, how come all of its servers are rooted? How come their database is seized? Why are passwords cracked?”  That message was following by a succession of follow-up posts with links to lists of passwords and other data.

Shortly afterward, it appeared that PBS was aware of the intrusion and the news organization posted statements acknowledging the hack, and pointing out that the story about Tupac Shakur was a fake.

A NewsHour employee, Teresa Gorman, replied to questions on Sunday on the Twitter site, noting that the story about the rapper, who died in Las Vegas in 1996, was fake.

Thanks, Gorman. According to the New York Times, The Lulz Boat has also targeted the websites of Fox News and the X-Factor this month. It did not specify what, exactly, the group disagreed with about the WikiLeaks story.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at May 30, 2011, 7:03am

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