Small Team Made "Surgical Strike" to Target Bin Laden

In a background briefing from several senior officials, which is now in the question-and-answer phase, it was stated:

The action was a surgical raid by small team and sought to minimize civilian damage.

In addition to Osama bin Laden, three adult men were killed, including one believed to be bin Laden's son. One woman being used as a shield in the compound was also killed. Two women were injured.

The team was in the compound for 40 minutes.

Lost a helicopter due to mechnical failure. It was destroyed.

[Update]: Osama bin Laden's body will be handled in accordance with Islamic tradition.

The compound was built in 2005, but officials said they do not know how long bin Laden actually lived there. It was eight times larger than other houses nearby in the affluent suburb about 35 miles from Islamabad.

The house was valued at about $1 million, but it had no phone or Internet hook-ups. It had few windows facing out of the compound.

The survivors were moved away from the compound before it was demolished with explosives. The team left the site on the remaining helicopter.

[Update 2]: The house was identified as likely being that where bin Laden was staying in August 2010. In February this year, it was confirmed.

Beginning in March, Obama held five national security meetings about how to proceed. The last one was Thursday April 28. The President gave the order to take action on Friday, April 29.

No other country was informed in advance and very few within the U.S. government knew what was under way.


Daily Kos / By Meteor Blades | Sourced from

Posted at May 2, 2011, 2:47am

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