Moving Update on Congresswoman Giffords' Condition

At the Arizona Republic, there's a touching and extensive portrait of what life is like for the recovering Gabrielle Giffords and her friends and family, and how slow and painful her rehabilitation is, and how much pain is being taken to shield her from a ravenous public eye.

While we don't want to contribute to the frenzy, it's important to have a realistic notion of exactly what the bullet of her would-be-assassin has truly wrought in her life.

One of the more moving parts of the story is Giffords' slow realization of what happened to her:

There were hopeful language signs even on the March day that Giffords learned about the people killed on Jan. 8. She had been told there were more bullets, Kelly says, but she didn't yet know that there were deaths. He was reading aloud to her from the New York Times - a story about Giffords herself. She followed with her eyes over his shoulder, noticed that he skipped a paragraph, and grabbed the paper out of his hand. He hadn't realized how well she could read.

The paragraph told of six dead, many more wounded. Kelly comforted Giffords while she cried.

Her grief spread over days and weeks. "So many people, so many people," Giffords repeated.

Giffords still doesn't know the horrendous details about who was killed that day, including a friend, Judge John Roll, a staffer, Gabe Zimmerman, a little girl, and some elderly constituents.

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Posted at April 25, 2011, 6:39am

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