Brewer Vetoes Birther Bill

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is responsible for signing all sorts of discriminatory and extreme bills into law -- SB-1070, anyone? -- so her latest veto sanity comes as a pleasant surprise. Yesterday Brewer vetoed HB 2177, aka the Birther Bill, which would have required any presidential candidate to provide a certificate of birth before being included on the ballot in Arizona. This, of course, was aimed at pleasing the delusional Tea Partiers who insist Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States, despite the fact that he was born in Hawaii -- something Brewer recognized as problematic and egregious. Her veto message, via the Tucson Sentinel:

"As a former Secretary of State (sic), I do not support designating one person as the gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically-motivated decisions," Brewer wrote in her veto message to House Speaker Kirk Adams.

"In addition, I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for President (sic) of the greatest and most powerful nation on earth to submit their "early baptismal or circumcision certificates" among other records to the Arizona Secretary of State. This is a bridge too far," Brewer wrote.

She also said the bill "creates significant new problems while failing to do anything constructive for Arizona." True! And while it is possible that the veto will be overridden in the Senate and House, the bill's sponsor admits that getting an override vote will likely be 'a real difficult monster.'

In addition, Brewer vetoed a bill that would have allowed guns to be carried on campus -- including K-12 schools -- "because it is so poorly written," and a bill that challenged the Federal Government's health care plan by allowing Arizona to set up a compact with other states. Read more here.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at April 19, 2011, 3:42am

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