Lt. General Who Oversaw Abu Ghraib During Scandal Recruited to Run for Dem Senate Seat

I've heard of not looking in the rear view mirror and not playing the blame game. But actively recruiting the people responsible for Abu Ghraib to be Democratic senators is taking this to a new level:

It’s being reported this morning that Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez may run for the open Senate seat in Texas, with the blessing of DSCC chair Patty Murray. A DSCC spokesman says Sanchez would make a ”strong candidate,” in part because of his “proven commitment to our nation’s security.”

But that commitment to our security also included his stint overseeing military operations in Iraq from 2003-2004 — and the left and Senate Dems excoriated Sanchez because the Abu Ghraib scandal happened on his watch.

Back when the news of the scandal first broke in 2004, Senator Murray, who now oversees the recruiting of Dem Senate candidates, said everyone responsible, no matter where in the chain of command, should be held accountable. “These actions are a disservice to the thousands of American soldiers in the region who serve us honorably each and every day, and, sadly, are likely to make their efforts to calm a troubled region even harder,” Murray said at the time.

But making them Senators sends an excellent signal. When Lyndie England getting out of jail. Maybe we can make her the first female Ambassador to Iraq?

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Posted at April 18, 2011, 11:10am

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