David Foster Wallace Editor on Maddow to Chat New Tax Collector Novel

The late David Foster Wallace's final novel, The Pale King, is a tome about the 'quiet heroism' of the tax collector, as Maddow guest host Chris Hayes describes it. Compiled posthumously by his editor, Michael Pietsch, who found the 3000-page manuscript not long after Wallace's suicide in September 2008, the book is partly a fictional memoir of 'David Foster Wallace,' a tax agent working in Peoria, Illinois in the 1980s, and examines the spectacular mundanity of our existence. Fun! Appropriately, it was released on Friday, April 15 -- tax day, though as a reminder you've still got until Monday the 18th to get that postmark, which is yet another banal aspect to American life that is also depressingly exciting.

Last night, Pietsch appeared on Maddow to discuss compiling the manuscript into a novel. 'We're all bombarded with these complex and tedious matters, and that's much of what life is made of,' he said. 'I think he was trying to work on this novel on how we fight through all of that to get at anything that really matters.' Watch:


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AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at April 16, 2011, 5:28am

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