Florida ACLU Launches "Incorporate My Uterus" Website to Fight GOP War on Women's Bodies

Hat's off to the Florida Independent for bringing our attention to a delightful new project launched by the Florida ACLU, in response to last week's absurd "uterus" debacle in the state House.

Last week, state Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, suggested that his wife “incorporate her uterus” in the hopes that it may receive the same kind of privacy and protection businesses in Florida receive. Well, some of Randolph’s colleagues were not so thrilled with Randolph’s suggestion. To be clear, it was not the sentiment behind the suggestion that riled them — it was merely the use of the word “uterus.”

After conservative members of the house reprimanded Randolph, women and pro-uterus advocates are having a lot of fun with their Internet response.

Among this band of uterus-loving folks: the ACLU of Florida. The ACLU has just launched a website at which women can incorporate their uteri online, thus sending a message to Florida legislators that “less regulation and government intrusion begins with a woman’s uterus.” The website calls on women to literally make their uterus their own business.

Very clever, Florida ACLU! Here's more info from the site's "about" page:

Coast to coast, conservatives get elected by promising smaller government and less business regulation but as soon as they get elected, they rush to put big government regulations on the personal freedom and privacy of your body.

It’s a clear double standard.  To them, there are too many regulations on pharmacies and fruit stands but not nearly enough government rules about your uterus.

Since they seem to agree that government has no business in business, it’s time to make your uterus into a business.

Maybe then your uterus can get the same treatment corporations get – fewer rules, fewer government searches and more personal freedoms.

Even though it won’t be a legal corporation, it’s no joke. Incorporate your uterus now to send them a clear message to keep their big government restrictions off your body and give you the same respect they give to every business.

There's also a Uterus Facebook page (naturally), launched by Rep. Randolph's wife Susannah.

Among the fans of Incorporate My Uterus is Rachel Maddow, who called the project "genius" while introducing Rep. Randolph last night. Watch that interview here:

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AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at April 5, 2011, 5:54am

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