GOP Judge: "100%" Chance Union-Busting Bill Will End Up in WI Supreme Court

Earlier today, a county judge in Wisconsin temporarily blocked the implementation of the budget repair bill. While this is an exciting development, no matter how the county judge ends up ruling, the ultimate legality of the bill will be determined by the Wisconsin state Supreme Court.

You don't have to just take my word for it. Yesterday, in an interview with a local conservative radio host, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser said it himself:

HOST: Okay. Right now we’re facing huge protests against the budget repair bill here in Wisconsin which is setting quite a precedent in the country. What are the chances that that would go to the Supreme Court, that bill.

PROSSER: I would say about 100 percent.

You may wonder why a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice is giving an interview to a conservative radio host. The reason is that Prosser is up for re-election on April 5th, when he will face Assistant Attorney General JoAnn Kloppenburg. Prosser wants Wisconsin conservatives to know that Kloppenburg would almost automatically rule against the budget repair bill:

I think part of the effort against me in the campaign is to replace me on the Court in the event this bill and other legislation passed by the new governor and legislature are litigated. I think that they want someone on the Court who will be an almost automatic vote against anything that comes out of the new legislature.

By contrast, Prosser is not just Republican-curious or Republican-leaning. He is a former, long-time Republican Leader in the Wisconsin state Assembly:

Prosser represented the Appleton area in the Wisconsin State Assembly as a Republican from 1979 through 1996. During his tenure, he served six years as Assembly minority leader and two years as Assembly speaker.

Further, Prosser voted with Walker 95% of the time during his time in the Assembly:

Given that this election could well determine the legality of the budget repair bill, there are probably quite a few Kossacks who would like to get involved. However, laws surrounding Wisconsin state Supreme Court elections make outside assistance difficult. So, for now just visit and When we figure out other ways you can participate, we'll let you know.

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Posted at March 19, 2011, 5:21am

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