Beck Blames Earthquake on Humanity Disobeying Ten Commandments, And Other Crazy Stuff

It was only a matter of time before right-wing rant-master Glenn Beck came out and said something insane and insensitive about the devastating earthquake in Japan. Sure enough, he began his radio show with the line "I just want to point out that today's show may be a little apocalyptic" and he went from there, explaining that while he wasn't claiming the earthquake was a direct message from God, "I'm not not saying that either." Listen to a recording from Media Matters below:


 Here are some of the juiciest quotes:

"Now look, I'm not saying God is, you know, causing earthquakes. Well -- I'm not saying that he -- I'm not not saying that either...

Make sure you keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times. Because, things are gonna get bumpy and, just a few reminders there at the beginning as this rollercoaster takes off, always a good safety tip: Keep your arms and legs in. Don't do anything stupid, what do you say we follow the big top ten. You can call them Moses' ten commandments, or ten rules of thumb. What do you say we start doing those things? Because the things we are doing really suck and they're not getting better."


AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at March 15, 2011, 3:28am

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