Racist Manhattan Anti-Choice Billboard to Come Down; Arizona Targets Women of Color in Anti-Choice Bill

Perhaps the most horrifying front in the war against women waged by anti-choicers is their targeting of African-American women. In the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, residents saw a billboard, sponsored by the Texas group, Life Always, go up bearing the slogan, "The most dangerous place for an African American child is in the womb." The slogan appeared above the head of a photograph of a beautiful little African-American girl, who appears to be about five years old. Today, reports Miriam Perez at Feministing, the billboard company, Lamar Advertising, agreed to remove the billboard.

Would that were where the race-targeted anti-choice shenanigans began and ended. But in Arizona yesterday, the House passed a deceptively-worded bill that would bar abortions ostensibly based on race- or sex-selection. The problem with that is it leaves the door open to the prosecution of abortion providers who perform the procedure on women of color -- or women carrying fetuses of any sex.

Make no mistake: the anti-choicers have been usurping the language of civil rights and women's rights for years in order to make their case, and these are yet the latest examples. In a statement issued by the groups SisterSong, an advocacy group for women of color, and the Trust Black Women Partnership, SisterSong National Coordinator Loretta Ross said, "Women of color and Indigenous women are being attacked on all sides. A conservative few are attempting to push the clock back by eliminating Title X funding, increasing abortion restriction in the states, and slowing the implementation of healthcare reform. And primitive racial ploys are being used to undermine human rights for all women as if we cannot be trusted to make our own decisions about our families."

AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at February 24, 2011, 10:26am

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