Trickle Up, Poverty Alleviation Organization, Invites Glenn Beck to India

Following is a letter by Bill Abrams, President ofTrickle Up, in response to Glenn Beck's February 16, 2011,commentary"Three Reasons to Be Wary of Google," in which he criticized Google for supporting Trickle Up.

Dear Mr. Beck,

Thank you, Glenn Beck, for introducing Trickle Up to the millions in your audience. While we assume that your labeling us a "leftist charity" wasn't a compliment, we believe that you - and your audience - would admire what we do, if you got to know us better.

Trickle Up helps end global poverty by helping women start businesses, gain skills and save money. The values that we promote - enterprise, hard work, self-sufficiency - are ones that we would expect you to applaud.

So I invite you to join me on a trip to India, where you would meet Trickle Up participants who are now able to feed their children three meals a day instead of two, buy them their first pair of shoes and send them to school. Or, I'd be glad to show you villages in Guatemala, Mali or other countries where, over the past five years, we have helped more than 45,000 women and their families move up out of extreme poverty.

Trickle Up is supported by thousands of donors - individuals, corporations, foundations and the US government - who share our commitment to reducing poverty and inequality. We are very proud to have Google, the subject of your recent commentary, among them. Mr. Beck, we believe that ending poverty transcends politics and that, if you saw what we do you'd agree with us that lifting a woman out of extreme poverty is important to people on both sides of the political aisle.

My email is [email protected], so please send me some dates that you'd be free to travel with us, to see how Trickle Up helps end poverty.


Bill Abrams
Trickle Up

AlterNet / By Bill Abrams

Posted at February 21, 2011, 12:32pm