Meet a Woman Who the Forced Childbirth Movement Would Have Happily Killed

These new Tea Party GOPers promised a laser-like focus on fiscal issues, but as Think Progress noted, since assuming office they've instead spent their time " cracking down on constituencies seemingly distasteful to the conservative element, be it public employeesuninsured AmericansimmigrantsMuslimswomenchildren, and gay people."

No jobs bills so far, but they have offered up 12 measures that would force women to carry unwanted fetuses to term in the 112th Congress, among them HR 3, which would essentially make it all but impossible for private insurers to cover abortions. It also allows hospitals to refuse to provide services for pregnant women who are at risk of dying.

Here's a story told by someone who might in fact have died had HR 3 been the law of the land: 

If you can't play the video, here's a highlight (thanks to Gottalaff for the transcript):

“I can’t imagine being forced to continue with a pregnancy that would endanger my life and endanger my future. I might not be here today had I not had that choice. And my children might not be here today had I not had that choice. I don’t understand why anyone who cares about the lives of women would support this bill.”

AlterNet / By Joshua Holland

Posted at February 18, 2011, 9:27am

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